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Ready, Sunset... Go! Have fun with your friends and race against the clock to extend the day or night! Run, jump and go through obstacles in a race to win the Sacred Clock of Time. Play in teams of 2! Choose between diurnal and nocturnal animals and have fun while working with your partner.

Will they play fair? Will they try to sabotage their opponents? Or do you prefer to dance during the sunset? Only time will tell!

The Team

Abraham Sánchez (Entangled) Coding, vfx, game design
Krista A. Gómez  (ChimeraDitto) 3d models (Characters), game design
Iván Sánchez (ivanszjpg) UI, game design
Raquel Velasco (i.pomodori) Character designs
Alexa M. Cayeros Navarroillustrations
José Pablo Robles (Rolo)Music
Ma Fernanda (shiko) MoraConcept, textures, game design
Fernanda OchoaUI
Ramiro Mendoza Escalera 3D models, game design

Install instructions

  1. Extract in folder
  2. Execute "ReadySunsetGo!" exe


ReadySunsetGo.zip 237 MB

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